+--- Manga ---+

- Fruits Basket 
- Marmalade Boy
- Magic Knight Rayearth
- Love Hina 
-   Chobits 

+--- Anime ---+

- InuYasha
- Digimon
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+--- The Purification ---+

This is the new layout for my site. I LUV IT!!! *worships digik designs* It features a character from the series by CLAMP called Clover. I haven't read it (YET!) so I don't really know who it is. But I love CLAMP's works. They're beautiful *worships CLAMP*

So this is it PURIFICATION. My website has Purified Essence. THANK YOU DIGIK ONCE AGAIN!!!! *worship worship*

~ P-Lo ~

 +--- About My Site ---+

My site is going to have informations on manga I've read and anime I've seen. I love all of these (cause if I didn't, I wouldn't have read them) and it is awesome. I hope you enjoy my information and reviews, and that they encorage you to read or watch these things.

So far I have Fruits Basket and Marmalade Boy (note, this site is under construction) but I will be adding more like Love Hina, Magic Knight Rayearth, Angel Sanctuary, Comic Party, AHHH WAAAY TOO MANY!!!

I might also add spoilers for these manga and anime but that is last on my list. (dont worry, I'll give a warning before I add a spoiler)

** NEWS **

Okay, Fruits Basket and Marmalade Boy are done *sigh* even though I still have spoilers to add to Fruits Basket. That series is just WAY too long!!!! Now, ON TO RAYEARTH!

Sry to say that some of the pages on this site may be a bit messed up. This site is still in it's experimental stages but it will be better soon. So until then, just bare with me, 'kay? thanx! ^_^

I'm also thinking of putting my blog on here too, but we're gonna have to wait and see. Until then, click the link to access my blog.

+--- Me ---+

Hey Sup this is my area. You can check back here for news and update information. Also here is some information about me:

Name: P-Lo

Residence: USA

Favorite Food: chicken, goat, pork... mmm pork...

Least Favorite Food: Fish *throws up*

Intrests/Hobbies: Drawing, Anime, Manga, making comics

Favorite Manga: Fruits Basket

Favorite Manga-Ka: CLAMP

Well, since this is an anime/manga site I won't put too much personal information.

Digik made these buttons with this site, but I don't really know how to use them yet. They're still really pretty tho, and I'm gonna keep 'em on here until then: