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Marmalade Boy
Fruits Basket Fanfic
Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket Fanfic

This is my first Fruits Basket fan fiction and my first fanfic on the internet. Ha, two in one. I hope you like it. Read & review on my blog.


*sigh* Mayuko sat at her desk after dismissing the class. As soon as her classroom was empty, she took out a photograph of Hatori from the drawer. *sigh* It had been a while since she had seen him. He wasn't at Kana's wedding either.
"Oh, Mayuko-sensei, you're still here?" Tohru Honda was leaning over her desk.
"Honda! What are you doing here? Don't you have a date with the Sohma cousins or something?" she raised her eyebrows.
"Huh? What are you talking about?" Tohru gives her a dumb-ass look. "Oh, hey, isn't that Hatori-san?" Tohru pointed at the photo.
"What?! Oh! Um!"
Momiji comes bouncing in, with a little girl with orange hair at tow. "TOHRU! LOOK! LOOK! I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU! IT'S KISA!!!!" Kisa shyly waves. "Hello, Onichan... um, sensei..." she bows to Mayuko.
"OH! OH! ISN'T THAT HA'RI????" Momiji was now looking at the photo too.
"Would you go mind your own business?!" Mayuko blushed and thrust the photo back into the drawer.
"Yo! Idiot, done yet?" Kyo and Yuki walk in. "Honda-san, can we go now?"
"Oh! Yes!" Tohru walked off with them, Momiji and Kisa following.
"whew..." Mayuko leaned back in her chair. *sigh* "Hatori... when can I see you again?"

"You mean sensei had a picture of Hatori-oji-chan?" Kisa asked as they walked into Shigure Sohma's house.
"OH HO HO! Does she really?" waiting for them at the door was Ayame.
"This is very interesting... a novelist must keep a keen eye for things like this!" Shigure walks over.
"Shut up you idiot..."
"Yes. Well, since Hatori has a lover, we must do our duty to get them together!" Ayame gets an insane sparkle in his eye.
Momiji, Tohru, and Kisa: "L-lovers?
"What the hell are you doing here anyway?!" Yuki glared at Ayame.
"I have come to strengthen our brotherly bonds!!! ^_^" Ayame declared cheerfully.
"GET OUT OF HEAR YOU %$#@*&^!!!!" Yuki stormed upstairs.
"Oh dear, some people are just soooo tempermental. Anyway... WE MUST MAKE SECRET PLANS: HATORI+MAYUKO MISSION IMPOSSIBLE"!" Ayame suddenly changes into James Bond-ish clothing.
Momiji, Shigure and Kisa put on sunglasses "YEAH!!!"

he Mabudachi Trio, Ayame, Shigure, and Hatori are sitting in Hatori's office drinking tea.
"So, Ayame, why did you decide to suddenly give us tea... and you rarely treat Shigure to your tea." Hatori sipped the tea and eyed Ayame suspisiously.
"Well, Shigure and I were thinking... you look lonely." Ayame said slowly.
"Yes! Yes! Good point, Ayaa. We thought you might need... you know... a flower in your life." Shigure added carefully.
"Your point?" Hatori asked impatiently.
"We want to set you up on a blind date!!!!" Ayame and Shigure stated cheerfully.
"NO!" Hatori put down the teacup. "You remember what happened with Kana. She... well... I'm not going to agree with this. I won't let someone else get hurt like she did."
"Hatori, you're such a spoiled sport! Just because something like that happened with one person, doesn't mean it's going to happen again. I want you to be happy, Tori-san, not lonely." Ayame argued.
"Well, I'm not going to do it." Hatori stood up to put the teacups away.
While he was gone, Shigure whispered "I knew this was going to happen! Well, you know what we should do."
"Fu fu fu." Ayame cackled evilly. "We'll just have to trick him into it!"
Hatori came back to see Ayame and Shigure standing up ready to go. "Leaving already?" Hatori raised an eyebrow.
"Well, you know, places to go, people to see... anyway... meet us at that really cute place we went to last week. We want to introduce you to someone!" Ayame said as they walked out.
"I HATE THAT PLACE." Hatori sighed."I hope those two aren't plotting anything." He shook his head.

After school, Tohru, Momiji, and Kisa approach Mayuko's desk.
"Um.... Mayuko-sensei... um, I was wondering if you would want to... meet us outside of the cafe in the evening?" Tohru asked quietly.
"Why?" Mayuko raised an eyebrow.
"Um... I need help with my homework?" Tohru is very bad at lying.
"HATORI'S GONNA BE THERE!!!" Momiji blurted out.
"AH! AH! MOMIJI-KUN!!!!" Kisa panicked.
"What? Hatori?" Mayuko leaned forward over her desk. Then, realizing her sudden change in attitute, blushed and leaned back again. "I mean... why would you think I'd care if Hatori is there?"
"Something tells me you care... and if you really want to see him, you'll come." Momiji concluded and walked out.
"M-Momiji-kun!" Kisa chased after him.
Tohru stopped to collect her things from her desk. A light breeze blew through the window making Tohru's hair flutter back.
"I'll go."
"Huh?" Tohru picked up her bag, ready to leave. She looked up at Mayuko.
"I'll go to see Hatori..." Mayuko answered.
"That's great, sensei!!!!" Tohru laughed cheerfully "We'll be expecting you, then!"
"Honda... you're lucky..."
"You're lucky... you have two cute boys after you... your only problem is choosing between them!" Mayuko laughed.
"UWAH?? REALLY?? WHO?? Oh my..." Tohru blushed.
[MY GOD, SHE REALLY IS AN IDIOT] Mayuko sweatdrops. "See ya, Honda."
"Bye sensei!" Tohru walks away, puzzled.
Mayuko looks out the window and watches Tohru walk out, joined by Yuki and Kyo. "You really are... clueless..."
LATER: Momiji and Kisa walk up to Ayame, who is waiting for them at the entrance to the school.
"Well, what happened?" Ayame asked eagerly.
"Well... first, we pretended to leave, and then I waited by the door to see what happened and... she agreed!" Kisa mumbled.
Momiji and Ayame: "SUCESS!!!!!" *puts on their sunglasses*
*do do do do do do* (James Bond music).