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Marmalade Boy
Fruits Basket Fanfic
Fruits Basket



About Fruits Basket: After a tragic loss of her mother, Tohru Honda finds herself living in bizarre conditions during the remodeling of her grandfather's house. After being found by the Sohma family, she is taken in by Shigure Sohma and Yuki Sohma. The Sohma's have a secret, though, that Tohru is burdened with. Twelve of the Sohma's, Yuki and Shigure included, are possesed by the vengeful spirits of the Chinese zodaic. They transform into their corresponding animal when hugged by the opposite gender. It may seem funny at first, but it is dark... cursed.



Tohru Honda is the optimistic main character. Despite all the tragities in her life, she always keeps a smile. She's the kind of person who looks at her life as a glass half full, not a glass half empty. She is very grateful for what she has. Sometimes she's so sweet I want to slap her! She has a thing for both Yuki and Kyo... who will she pick?


Yuki Sohma is the rat of the zodiac. He's shy and acts like "he has a stick up his ass" a lot. Tohru really softens him up though. He's really popular at school and even has a "Prince Yuki Fan Club"- AKA, a bunch of insane girls who are crazy jealous that Tohru is so close to Yuki, but is too scared of Tohru's friends to do anything. Yuki has a dark and scarred past, and is almost afraid of Akito, the head of the family. Despite this, Tohru always manages to bring out the best in him. ^_^


Kyo Sohma is possesed by the cat from the zodiac ledgend. Cast out and ridiculed by the family, Kyo is set on beating Yuki in a fight to earn his dignity. Each time he tries, he fails. Despite his angry and tempermental nature, Tohru has managed to get a smile out of him a couple of times. He is actually a very sweet person, and in Momiji's words, "Kyo's got the hots" for Tohru. Kyo's "true form" is his real dark secret, and his curse.


Shigure Sohma is a happy-go-lucky character, who often annoys Yuki and Kyo. He is possesed by the dog of the zodiac. He's a novelist, and houses Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru without complain. He has a very close relationship with Akito (no, not in a gay way!). He's part of the "Mabudachi Trio", with Hatori and Ayame, his friends for a very long time. He's a very animated character, and I, personally, love him. He is one of the funniest characters in the book! He also, has his secrets. He and Akito are secretly manipulating Tohru for their own purposes. If good or ill will come for Tohru... well... go read the book!


Kagura Sohma is possesed by the boar from the zodiac. She's stubborn and headstrong, and is set on marrying Kyo! She expresses her love for him in very violent ways, often beating him up in her excitement. She has a split personality, though, and is normally a very sweet and thoughtful person. She and Tohru have aquired a friendship, which pisses Kyo off because he has to see her more.


Momiji Sohma is a cheerful and slightly hyper active boy who is possesed by the rabbit of the zodiac. He's extremely energetic and always seems to be happy. He and Tohru get along very well. I think Momiji is KAWAII ^_^ but he's older than he looks. Even though he looks like an elementary school boy, he's actually only a year younger than Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo. He is also emotionally affected by the curse. Despite his "Happy happy joy" attitude on life, Momiji has had a tough life. In a way, he's like Tohru. But Tohru's not nearly as ADORABLE!


Hatori Sohma is possesed by the dragon of the zodiac, but when he transforms, to put it bluntly... HE'S A SEAHORSE. He's also part of the Mabudachi Trio and Ayame and Shigure make fun of him because of his transformation. (I luv them! lol) Hatori is the family doctor-- he only takes family members as patients, but the Sohmas ARE a big family. Hatori is almost blind in one eye. When someone's memories need erasing, Hatori is the one to do it. He erases anyone's memories at Akito's orders. He's had his share of hard times though, when he erased his girlfriend, and almost fiance's memories.


Hatsuharu Sohma, or Haru, is the bull, or rather, cow of the zodiac. Haru has two sides, his "white" and his "black" sides, like the spots on a cow. When Haru goes "black" he loses control and becomes violent. He wants to beat Kyo in a fight for no good reason, and claims that Yuki was his first love (I don't think he's serious, though). Even though his black side bad... he's a really good person and has a special connection with Yuki and Kisa, both of whom were mentally scarred by certain incidents.


Ayame Sohma is the snake from the zodiac, and Yuki's older brother. He owns a shop that sells maid, stewardess, and nurses' outfits. Yuki and Tohru have their experience with that (laugh). Truthfully... Ayame is really stupid. He keeps trying to get close to Yuki, all in the wrong ways, and ends up having Yuki hate him even more. Well, not really hate, because as Yuki had said, he doesn't really hate Ayame, there's just "a rift" between them. Ayame is just thankful that they have some sort of relationship between them. The thing he is afraid of most is... "nothingness". Ayame is the final member of the Mabudachi Trio, and one of my favorite characters. Ayame is really idiotic, and never gives a strait answer to anybody except Hatori, whom he has great respect for.


Kisa is the tiger from the zodiac. After being teased and laughed at, Kisa had stopped speaking for a long time. After meeting Tohru, with Yuki's help, she realized that she needs to keep trying and start talking again. She has a special relationship with Haru and Hiro (ha ha, haru, hiro, ha ha). Generally, she's a kind and innocent person, and I think she's absolutely KAWAII!!!

As the series goes on, more will come, but only books 1-6 are out, so these are the only characters I have. More to come!